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When you like a flower,

you pick it..

When you love the flower,

you water it.

One who understands this,

understands life…



In today’s world, marriages/primary relationships are difficult to sustain at the best of times, with a high percentage of committed relationships ending in separation and divorce.  Marriages and relationships impacted by ADHD are at even higher risk.


Partners with ADHD are easy to fall in love with as they are often warm, spontaneous, interesting, risk-taking, fun and funny individuals living in the moment. Unfortunately, it is exactly these characteristics that make long-term relationships difficult. When hyperfocus on the relationship changes to lack of focus on the relationship and likely hyperfocus on something else, when spontaneity becomes difficulty with planning and follow-through, when the affinity for risk taking and novelty seeking turns out to be a challenge in terms of completing boring, routine household tasks, a typical “dance of the ADHD marriage” develops with roles solidifying and hurts multiplying on both sides. It is important that the couples counsellor truly understands how ADHD affects marriages.


Kathy draws on her vast knowledge of ADHD to help couples open the lines of communication, re-establish empathy and trust, and deepen and strengthen their attachment relationship.


To book an appointment, please call Kathy at 778 – 686 – 3267 or e-mail her and she will contact you shortly.