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When it comes to ADHD, misinformation, misconceptions, myths and stereotypes abound. Upon receiving a diagnosis of ADHD, individuals can experience a multitude of emotions including surprise, worry, disappointment, fear, anger, guilt and/or possibly relief. But now what?


The aim of our demystification workshop is to provide factual information about all aspects of the disorder. Myths will become accuracies and blame and guilt can be alleviated. Worry about the future will be replaced by an understanding of effective interventions and positive coping strategies such that participants develop a sense of control over future outcomes.


Topics covered in our demystification workshop include:

  • What is ADHD?
  • Myth busting
  • Diagnosis
  • Developmental course
  • ADHD and the Brain
  • Treatment for ADHD
  • Practical strategies
  • Self-Advocacy

Location: Griffin Business Centre, 110 – 901 West 3rd St. North Vancouver, BC V79 3P9

Date:  TBA

Time: Saturday, 1 pm to 4:30 pm

Cost: $50 per person including tax

For inquires, please contact Kathy at 778 – 686 – 3267 or by e-mail

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