ADHD Centre for Treatment Services


Executive functions are the mental processes in the brain that enable us to look ahead, evaluate the past, begin and/or complete tasks, while managing our time and our emotions. These executive functions are like the Manager or CEO of our brain, enabling us to be purposeful, intentional and goal directed in our behaviour.


When there are problems with EF, we may have difficulty planning or executing tasks at school, work or home. These difficulties may include challenges with completing assignments, following through on boring tasks or chores, organizing materials needed for the task, and/or managing emotions for tasks that are difficult or boring. Social situations may be impacted by a person’s inability to filter their words, saying whatever they are thinking at the time. This could affect a work or school situation in which a person indicates frustration or exasperation with their boss/teacher over perceived unfairness of a task they’ve been asked to do.


Individual EF counselling sessions will provide an understanding of how EF works. Students will learn strategies to improve their skills in time management, organization, structuring homework or preparing for tests, as well as learn motivational techniques to help them persist in tasks that are challenging or boring.


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